Easter pastels

Tomorrow will be Easter.

I’m not religious, so to me, Easter always meant Hallmark Cards, Easter egg painting, Easter Bunny, pretty pastel colored M&Ms and chocolates and the occasional Easter egg hunt.

When I was 8, my parents brought me to an Easter party organised by their friends. (Trust me, at midday, Singapore’s weather does everything to ruin a good party.) When the Easter egg hunt began, my sisters and I started running around looking for the eggs, only to find that most of the chocolate/candy eggs had melted, and the painted eggs began to lose their color cos of the heat.

Safe to say, that was the last Easter egg hunt I have participated in since.

This year, my version of the Easter egg hunt will see me trolling the online space looking for various pretty, pastel, candy-coated inspiration.

Today, we discovered the beauty of the Marchesa Fall 2012 collection. IT IS GORGEOUS. it will serve as inspiration down the road, but for now, do pop by our online store on our Facebook page, facebook.com/ilus.asia

Please be patient with us as we begin to fill the racks, so that hopefully, soon, ilus.asia will become your one-stop store for accessories and beautiful inspiration for your next outfit.

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend ahead.



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