Inspired by PODO Hotel and Mint Restaurant

The beautiful PODO Hotel (situated on The Pinx Golf Course) is full of inspiring nooks and crannies. Glimpses of beauty through unexpected picture windows that frame the hotel’s golf course and gardens perfectly. A reminder of how clean, structured shapes amidst nature leaning on the side of wild can be an eye-catching contrast.

All the rooms have a breathtaking view of either the golf course or the hotel gardens – we loved falling asleep to the crickets in the garden, and waking up as the first rays of sun warmed the garden.

The Mint Restaurant is another unforgettable place in Jeju. Part of the Phoenix Resort, the restaurant is part of The Glass House which overlooks the rocky coastline. The floor to ceiling windows frame Jeju’s natural beauty perfectly, and the clean architectural lines of the building make it standout against the skyline, while blending in perfectly with the surroundings. Something funny we discovered – if you stand right in the middle of the circular patch of the grass at the entrance, your voice echoes against the walls when you speak. Fun to do while waiting for the resort bus to take you back to the main hotel.


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