Met Gala Red Carpet Magic

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(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Our favourite gowns from the Met Gala red carpet. Lots of glamour, shine, and old-fashioned pretty. Do you have any favourites?

At Ilus, we had to fight about our fashion favorites–the glamourous gowns were all the rage, but we were also really impressed by those that took some fashion risks.

Rooney Mara and Renee Zellweger both looked absolutely gorgeous, (did you see the intricate lace details on Rooney Mara’s gown) whilst daring to push the fashion envelope with lots of skin.

Giselle, Nina and the lady in pink (we can’t quite figure who she is–please let us know who it is if you know!!) were sexy, sultry but super stunning.

However, we think that Coco Rocha and Christina Ricci stole the show. Christina Ricci’s Thakoon gown was artwork, trust me, without the bow/train, we would be clamouring for that dress–the laser-cut details were splendid! The bow/train however, was a real fashion risk (clearly, we aren’t sure if she managed to pull that off). On the other hand, Coco Rocha’s bold contrast of colour flew really well with us–we will definitely use that as inspiration for our next collection.

What are your thoughts?


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