Hello again, it’s been a while!

2013 has been a lesson in time management and setting priorities for us. Unlike most years at work where everything gets off to a slow and steady start, 2013 has proved itself to be a year of speed, tight deadlines, and surprises around every corner. All within just a short four months! With all three of us at Ilus feeling rather frayed around the edges, taking time out to just breathe, recollect, and refocuses has become even more important. Our store is very much a part of this, and we’ll be doing our best to not lose focus over the coming months ^^

When we need to clear our minds, our fingers naturally wander around the keyboard in search of real-life spaces that give us that ‘ahhhhhhh’ feeling in our chest, and make the beauty part of our brain flip in happiness. Seen anything recently that does that for you? 🙂

#1 White, Light, Wood


Pic 1 - 21 Apr 13

Found on My Scandinavian Home

Styling: Jessica Clayton, Photography: Mikael Axelsson for Wendell via Feel Inspired

#2: Dark, Light

Pic 2 - 21 Apr 13

Found on A Merry Mishap, by Fantastic Frank

#3 Lines, Wood

Pic 3 - 21 Apr 13


Found on Desire To Inspire, by Mole Architects


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