Countdown to Korea!

We’re off to Seoul this week for a much needed break from work & sourcing for our beloved store. It’s time for us to stock up on some unforgettable clothing and accessories for you! If you’re lusting after anything in particular, do let us know… we may just be able to bring it back for you ❤

Meanwhile, the weather in Seoul at the moment seems worrying fickle – how do you pack for days that range from under 10°C to over 20°C? We’ve decided to play it safe and stick to clothing that can be easily layered. After all, you can shop at (almost) any time in Seoul, so if we do forget to bring anything… Dongdaemun is just a taxi ride away!

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be taking with us this trip – hope you’re doing some holiday planning too…

1) Tutuanna tights (absolute favourite because they’re a perfect fit even if you’re petite!) 2) Marc Jacobs sunglasses (so that we look amazing even after too much soju) 3) Annick Goutal Petite Cherie (perfect for spring ~ light yet sensual) 4) Glasshouse Fragrances miniature Manhattan candle (so that wherever you are, it smells divine) 5) Paul & Joe cardigan (easily layered for a cooler/warmer look) 6) ASOS lantern skirt (wear it short if it’s warm, or over tights if it’s chilly)


Intertwined Bracelets Inspired Look

Fancy having one of our Intertwined Bracelets on your wrist? We should have some available at our store this weekend, or drop us a note at shop[at] for a customised set of your own. 

Wednesday marks the moment when we pass from ‘can’t believe the weekend is over’ to ‘the weekend is almost here!’. A welcome break as we look forward to a wonderful end to the week, and an even better weekend. Spent the last couple of days fussing with bits of cloth, chain and glass beads, trying to turn them into something new that we can show-off this weekend. Finally ended up with a set of bracelets that we would like to wear – pair them with cuffed jeans, pretty top, sexy ‘don’t mess with me heels’ and tousled hair for a smoldering friday night out.

1) Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy skinny jeans 2) YSL Ingenue high heel ankle strap in black suede and brass 3) Lanvin flower cardigan 4) ASOS Cami with button and collar detail