Inspired by The Hunger Games

Caught The Hunger Games over the weekend, and it was better than expected! A very enjoyable two hours spent transported to another world, mesmerised by the amazing outfits, colours, exciting story-line and Katniss Everdeen’s awesome skill with the bow. In the city itself, everyone seemed to be trying to look as different as possible, which thankfully ended up looking very vibrant instead of jarring.

The mockingjay pin and other accessories used in the movie seem to be popping up all over the place online after the movie’s release, but the highlight for us has to be Katniss’s amazing dress that literally flared to life during her ‘talk-show interview’ in the movie, and of course the skin-tight black outfit with fiery ‘wings’ as she rode in with Peeta Mellark on the chariot. Magical! These pictures don’t do them justice ~ go watch the movie and you’ll understand why we fell in love with them.

(All images from The Hunger Games official site)